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Enterprise idea
Daidong Zegna Electronics Co., stressed that the guidelines on three major business philosophy: quality management, idea, action pointer.
First, our business policy: change and growth.
Second, our quality idea: according to [quality first], [comply with the provision standard], manufacture fine product, provide to the customer.
In 1, he returned, start from the basic, correct, rapid, careful, enthusiastic.
2, indeed to give customers, trust, peace of mind and satisfaction in response, work to thoroughly prevent the occurrence of the hidden trouble.
3, to ensure the quality, full participation of continuous quality improvement and management.
Third, our mobile pointer: Speed, Trust., Quality
1. Fast: the cost of the corresponding / manufacturing site of the reform / introduction of new technology
2, quality: the goal of quality management will reach / business the end and the target to reach
3, integrity: the trust between the structure and the customer / total participation and concerted action

Cultural activity


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